OMNICHROMA comes from the TOKUYAMA Research Center in Japan.

The TOKUYAMA DENTAL Corporation, based in Japan, has been developing innovative dental solutions for over 40 years and is one of the leading manufacturers of products for conservative and prosthetic dentistry.

OMNICHROMA from the Technology Pioneer

The secret is our method of manufacture

Glass materials are ground until the individual particles of the fillers lie approximately within a desired size range. However, the fillers clearly differ in shape and size.

TOKUYAMA DENTAL produces OMNICHROMA fillers based on its own patented “Sub-Micro-Pearl-Technology”. In this process, the Sol-Gel method is used to progressively coat spherical fillers in an organic solution. After several weeks, the fillers have “grown” evenly in a spherical shape and are exactly 0,26 µm in size. In this optimal size, the desired colour adaptation effect is achieved precisely in combination with other outstanding physical properties.

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