The surface is decisive for polishability and optimal light reflection

fillers versus
spherical fillers

Brilliant results

With its mirror-smooth surfaces, TOKUYAMA’s Sub-Micro-Pearl-Technology provides a fast and long-lasting gloss.

In the case of typical ground fillers, the light strikes extremely irregular surfaces that scatter the light diffusely and appear correspondingly matt or require a long and complex polish.

The law of reflection “angle of incidence equals angle of reflection” is the basic prerequisite for the gloss effect and only works with very smooth surfaces: with mirrors, natural teeth and OMNICHROMA.

Superior polishability: 
89 % gloss already after 30 sec.

Excellent abrasion properties

OMNICHROMA is a particularly abrasion-resistant composite, yet at the same time gentle on the antagonist due to its unique filler structure, which only offers a small surface area for abrasion.

OMNICHROMA from the Technology