Colour Through Light

The Future of Composites: Infinitely from A1 to D4 in a Single Syringe

Uniquely esthetic:
Outstanding colour adaptation

Smart Chromatic Technology: precisely 0.00026 millimeter sized beads and the translucency of the cured composite ensure that the right tooth shade is always created from light.

The innovation breakthrough from
TOKUYAMA’s Research

The phenomenon of colour
adaptation in chameleons is the
same as with OMNICHROMA: the light strikes a very specific structure in the sub-micro or nanometer range.

The decisive question was: which
structure, in other words, which size
and shape do the fillers need to
have for the light to reflect real
tooth shades optimally?

In 2018, TOKUYAMA Research found
the answer: the “Smart Chromatic
Technology”. When light strikes small spherical fillers at exactly 0.26 µm the refraction and diffraction of the light generates the ideal red-yellow colour effect that is necessary to faithfully imitate the genuine tooth shade.

In contrast to conventional composites, OMNICHROMA is intended to achieve an extreme colour change after curing and is also very practical when modeling.

Real tooth with cavity = natural 
tooth shade

Modeling the composite filling = white-opaque OMNICHROMA processing shade

After 20 sec. curing = semitranslucent OMNICHROMA shade result

Typical for OMNICHROMA: 
Opaque beforehand …
beautifully semi-translucent

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