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Unique worldwide: Only a single composite for the entire range of tooth shades

With OMNICHROMA, TOKUYAMA DENTAL has achieved a decisive innovation leap in composites. For the first time, the long sought-after chameleon effect has been achieved successfully culminating in natural perfection. The reason is as simple as it is spectacular: both the OMNICHROMA and the chameleon are coloured by light.

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In conventional composites, a limited number of tooth shades, for example, from A1 to D4 according to the VITA shade system, are reproduced using colour pigments. Due to the “Smart Chromatic Technology”, OMNICHROMA completely dispenses with colour pigments and instead uses the natural principle of structural colour – colour that becomes visible when light strikes special structures, the same as with chameleons.

  • In 2015, scientists at the University of Geneva discovered that the chameleon has a network of nanocrystals in its skin that selectively reflects certain wavelengths of light.
  • OMNICHROMA consists of a homogeneous “pearl structure”, which makes the reflection of a precisely defined light wave range possible.
  • The targeted refraction of light creates structural colour in the yellow-red range and also reflects the surrounding real tooth colour.
  • This was achieved by further developing TOKUYAMA DENTAL’s patented “Sub-Micro-Pearl-Technology” with spherical fillers obtained according to the “cultured pearl principle”.

10112 | OMNICHROMA composite
Syringe (à 4 g)

10122 | OMNICHROMA composite
20 capsules (à 0.2 g)


10113 | OMNICHROMA Blocker
Syringe (à 4 g)

10123 | OMNICHROMA Blocker
20 capsules (à 0.2 g)

10232 | OMNICHROMA FLOW composite
Syringe (à 3 g)


10234 | OMNICHROMA Blocker
Syringe (à 3 g)

Benefits | OMNICHROMA FLOW BULK composite
Syringe (à 3 g)


10234 | OMNICHROMA Blocker
Syringe (à 3 g)

Spectrum of indications

  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations
  • Directly bonded composite veneers
  • Diastema closure
  • Repair of ceramic/composite

Numerous advantages:
OMNICHROMA composite

  • Eliminates the need for shade determination
  • Simplifies stocking
  • Eliminates the need for special colours
  • Reduction in expiring material
  • Permanent availability of the right shade

Experience the outstanding colour adaption of OMNICHROMA

Discover the
secret behind the perfect gloss of OMNICHROMA

OMNICHROMA from the Technology


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OMNICHROMA: A composite
with unique properties

  • No sticking to instruments due to perfectly round fillers with smooth surfaces
  • Good processing time
  • White opaque colour shade is easy to process visibly
  • Excellent adaptation to the cavity walls due to soft creamy consistency
  • Free of Bis-GMA – for a significant reduction in the risk of allergies
  • High resistance: due to good flexural strength and very high compressive strength
  • Due to the perfect chameleon effect, time-consuming shade determinations are a thing of the past
  • Always reorder, store and document only 1 product at a time
  • Highest level of polishability: mirror shine in a flash due to spherical fillers
  • Creation of a structural shade through precise light refraction of the homogeneous pearl structure as well as reflection of the surrounding tooth shade: for a perfect chameleon effect, even for bleached teeth
  • Perfect gloss due to optimal light reflection
  • Permanent colour fidelity
  • Highly resistant to discolouration

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